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My Hidden Disability is CPTSD, learning to live and thrive is a lifelong journey.

As we look to another year, I’ve been reflecting somewhat.

I appreciate mental health issues are relative and we all have our unique challenges, this is how my personal journey started with the crisis team & GP. BEFORE I could even start the process of getting a diagnosis or medication, I HAD to stop self medicating first.

Once I’d managed this through working with ReNew, and was capable of being helped, my GP referred me to the mental health team and to a psychiatric nurse for an assessment.

My diagnosis of PTSD with it being complex was a shock but it all finally made sense.

From here, I HAD to attend and engage with the mental health team’s 13 week course, without achieving this, I wouldn’t have got the vital referral to open ended psychotherapy, alongside being prescribed the appropriate medication.

I had relapses, of course I did because I’m only human and I was dealing with deep traumatic stuff, but, they were few and far between.

7 years later I’m still always using tools that help me be alive, stay alive, self check, participate in society and maintain relationships that are important to me.

Thank youuu and never give up hope


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